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Elbon-Solutions College of Ministry has an online year round educational program. We accept students for spring, summer and fall semesters. Each Student is required to register one week prior to the start of the course; and no later than one week after the course begins. Prospective students may apply for admission at the beginning of any semester and can only take the courses offered during each semester. Once the student is accepted into Elbon-Solution College of Ministry he/she will receive a Student I.D. number. 

Auditing Student(s) 

Students who wish to enroll on a non-credit basis are classified as audit students. Courses will appear on the student’s transcript as audited class without credit. Audit students who enroll in a course and later decide to convert the course for credit shall petition the Academic Director or Dean of Student Affairs within four weeks of the beginning of the semester start date and must demonstrate a passing grade at the time of the request. Upon receiving approval, the student must pay the additional tuition and must submit all previous course assignments to their instructor no later than the sixth week of school.

Standard (s) of Conduct:

Students of Elbon-Solutions College are expected to maintain the highest standards of Christian conviction and conduct. Specific rules and guidelines include: following rules and order of the campus, no alcohol, or unauthorized drugs or use of illegal substance, verbal use of profanity/disrespectful language, disrespectful conduct/behavior/fighting, theft, weapons on campus (guns, knives, or any specific device) which is intended to harm others, incitement of riots/or gang related conflicts.

Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy:

Elbon-Solutions College of Ministry policies are in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (PL-353) and all regulations adopted pursuant to such title to the end that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, gender or national origin, be excluded from participated in, be denied the benefit of, or be otherwise subjected to the discrimination under any program or activity. Furthermore, Faith Ministries International Network of Churches - Elbon-Solutions College of Ministry institute does not discriminate against ethnic origin, or gender in administration of its educational policies, scholarship programs or admission policies, nor with regards to access to, or treatment in its programs in respect to those with impaired vision, hearing, or physical mobility. 

Academic Advising:

Students who have academic questions are encouraged to consult with the Academic Director or Dean of Student Affairs. It is advised that students keep copies of all their course enrollment forms to assist in academic advising and to safeguard the accuracy of student records.


Application Fee: $ 25.00

Evaluation Fee: $ 40.00

Tuition per Course: $200.00

Graduation Fee $200.00


Special Note: Textbooks are purchased separately by the student

Special Note: Payment Plan options are available





Winter/Spring 2023 Session Registration Opens: October 3rd, 2022

Winter/Spring 2023 Session Begins: Janurary 8th, 2023

Winter/Spring 2023 Session Ends: April 2023

Training: OT 102 Early Israelite History

Summer 2023 Session Registration Opens: TBD

Summer 2023 Session Begins: June 4th, 2023

Summer 2023 Session Ends: September 17th, 2023

Training: OT 103 The Kingdom Period

Fall 2023 - TBD

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