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When you give to the vision of Faith Ministries International Network of Churches you assist in our God given global Kingdom Building effort of assisting in the great commission of Jesus Christ. Our mission includes joining like minded individuals, and groups aiding in the elimination of hunger, poverty, literacy, diseases, economic restoration, injustice systems, and individual character change. Our giving is out of an overflow of what's been given to us through Jesus Christ, not for fear of anything negative in our lives. We give out of gratitude and love! You can give your gift safely and securely online - this is one of the easiest ways to give to Kingdom Building Mission.

Help us support the cause and make a difference by joining us with your generous contributions including:

•Tithes    •Offerings   •Education/Scholarship Fund

•Youth Activities Programs   •Partnership   •Affiliation Fees

•Annual Conference Registration   •Other special designated gifts

Thank You!​

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In the Mail

By Phone


P.O. Box 1976

Apple Valley CA 92307

(760) 240-3519

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