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Senior Pastor,
Rebecca Washington-Berry


           Because of her unique spirit of excellence and dedication to ministry Apostle Rebecca Washington-Berry is a humble recipient of the 2016 International "Eagle Award," which recognizes her outstanding notable Christian leadership skills and Godly vision. 

Dr. Rebecca Washington-Berry is a native of Austin, Texas. She received the gift of the Holy Ghost at the very young age of seven. Her foundation of Christian principles, guidance, and many serving capacities of leadership were developed in the Church of God in Christ. The divine call to Godly Kingdom Building came upon her in 1998 as God directed her to organize a non-denominational church based totally upon biblical principles . 

She always felt the passion for leading God’s people into a place of Divine Purpose and she has always demonstrated the strength and courage of serving others even in small matters of vision and leadership. Having served in virtually every office or auxiliary in a small church, she found that she excelled in vision, speaking, music, and community service. The confirmation of her leadership skills and Godly character began to manifest itself to those around her. 

Even though her experience in ministry includes, evangelizing throughout the country to the various denominations, faiths, ethnic, cultural and professional groups, her effective one-on-one counseling is highly sought after,

rewarding and inspirational. To be a part of life change in one individual’s life each day, is her goal. Her background in social services administration has given her skills to strengthen your efforts toward growth, development and alternative success in ministry.

Dr. Berry was divinely sent on a mission to San Bernardino County and the High Desert Area of Apple Valley, CA.


In 2002 she became the  Founder/ Presiding Prelate of Faith Ministries International Network of Churches (FMINC).   In 2010 Dr. Berry accepted  the position as Senior Pastor of Faith Ministries International Network of Churches, Apple Valley, CA church. She provides Godly leadership to this local innovative growing congregation. Her vast measure of experience and leadership disciplines are demonstrated in the development of  varied components for church growth to include local community efforts, as well as a mission for serving brothers and sisters in Christ and offering spiritual growth to all.

Dr. Berry has worked diligently and has successfully increased church attendance, developed church departmental components, training leadership roles, and enhanced the spirit of evangelism in this  growing community. The results are very positive and demonstrate every sign of  divine accomplishment. The church is looking forward to the vision of expansion and the manifestation of a miracle in the very near future. 

God continually uses her dynamic style of teaching and preaching to facilitate change in men and women wherever she speaks. Her goal and desire is to reach souls all over the world and with your prayers and support God will take her ministry to greater dimensions.

    Dr. Berry serves as founder and Presiding Prelate of Faith Ministries International Network of Churches. In 2003 during our Annual Conference the attending delegates voiced a desire to become more supportive and available to each other in their ministry endeavors. They further expressed a desire to have an available ministry where ministers and Christian leaders could receive healing for their hurting wounds of past ministerial experiences. They wanted to be a part of a ministry project in which there is a focus on creating an environment for learning, support and ministerial achievement that demonstrates a total life of Godly purpose. 

With the help our ministry organizational supporters we began to share the valuable lessons of ministry survival and recovery. Our on-going function is to provide communication through weekly and periodic messages of hope and faith in God through personal leadership training and mentoring opportunities, biblical training, networking and corporate prayer for divine healing and restoration of our fellow brothers and sisters.

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