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    Dr. Berry serves as founder and Presiding Prelate of Faith Ministries International Network of Churches. In 2003 during our Annual Conference the attending delegates voiced a desire to become more supportive and available to each other in their ministry endeavors. They further expressed a desire to have an available ministry where ministers and Christian leaders could receive healing for their hurting wounds of past ministerial experiences. They wanted to be a part of a ministry project in which there is a focus on creating an environment for learning, support and ministerial achievement that demonstrates a total life of Godly purpose. 

With the help our ministry organizational supporters we began to share the valuable lessons of ministry survival and recovery. Our on-going function is to provide communication through weekly and periodic messages of hope and faith in God through personal leadership training and mentoring opportunities, biblical training, networking and corporate prayer for divine healing and restoration of our fellow brothers and sisters.

FMINC Organization Components:

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