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Faith Ministries

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Gl  bAL

Rebuilding lives is the mission of Faith Ministries International Churches Inc. We focus on the total person and maintain our vision by focusing on providing support, counseling, guidance, and personal development through biblical principles of teaching. In our efforts to begin to change many of the negative and destructive behaviors in our community, there must be a place where anyone can go and receive guidance and truth on how to reorder, reconstruct, and rethink life’s direction and purpose for each of us. A change in lifestyle, behavior and critical thinking will bring about a safer, healthier life full of happiness and fulfillment. This is the fundamental mission of our ministry.  Click here for more


North Carolina Regional Conference


Attention :


Faith Ministries International Network of Churches INC

North Caroline Regional Conference 2020


Due to the Corona virus  COVID-19 Crises requirements  the conference is canceled for June 26,27.  Please continue to check the website: for rescheduling conference times and dates.  

If you have questions please contact our office 760 240-3263.

All Honorary Doctorate Degree Candidate Nominees  will be notified of upcoming plans for graduation during the conference.  .  

Thanks for your patience during these uncertain times.  May God continue to bless and keep you safe and healthy.   



Presiding Prelate /College Chancellor . 

Apostle Rebecca Washington-Berry  

Sunday morning Service

9:45 am

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Elbon-Solutions College of Ministry is a Christian college that concentrates on "Preparing Ministers for the Twenty-first Century”. 

We offer an academically structured program with disciplines in Christian Leadership, Biblical Theology, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, and Sacred Music. Students interested in obtaining higher learning from our educational facility are introduced to an opportunity to experience some of the best academic exposure of its kind. 

Students studying ministry may earn AA, BA, Masters, and Doctoral degrees from our campus curriculum via traditional classroom training and a global internet distance learning program.

Faith Ministries is a church with a global mission, but we also see the importance of helping those in our own community. We have many different ways of helping and involving The High Desert community in our church. The following are few of those ways. 

Community Services:

- Annual Thanksgiving Family Food Basket Give-A- Way

- Annual Christmas Toy Give-A- Way

- Back-2-School Supply Give-A- Way

- USDA Monthly Food Distribution Program (3rd Thursday of Month )

- Biblical Counseling Services

- Membership and Support Service

- Senior Citizen Visitation

The Men's Ministry of Faith Ministries International Network of Churches is for men of all ages that want to create or better their personal relationship with God. We focus on looking at and solving the circumstances and problems that men face in the world, church, and in their own lives and use biblical teachings to find solutions. By having events and conferences the men of the high desert community can come together to help each other succeed in life not only as men, but as men of God. Our biggest event is our Annual Men's Conference held in the summer of every year. At the conference men from various communities gather on a larger scale to look at a selected theme, do activities, have training, and services to improve the life of all men that attend.

Women's Ministry
    Women's Ministry     

Faith Ministries International Network of Churches Women's Ministry is for the Women of the High Desert community to join together and deepen their relationships with God. Our Women's Ministry focuses on helping women build and strengthen a relationship with God  by talking about and finding solutions to the challenges that women face throughout their daily lives. By using biblical teachings the women learn what things they need to apply in their lives to develop a stronger relationship with God as a woman. The biggest event the women's ministry has every year is their Annual Women's Conference. At the conference women from different communities come together and look a specific topic that will better their lives forever.

S.W.A.G. is a Bible based youth group for young people ranging from the ages of 2-18. S.W.A.G. stands for Saved & Witnessing About God. The group was formed in February of 2011 under the leadership of Apostle Rebecca Washington-Berry, Pastor of Faith Ministries Church in Apple Valley, CA, and began weekly meetings every Saturday, which eventually became know as S.W.A.G. Saturdays.
      S.W.A.G. Saturdays are intended to introduce and develop characteristics of Jesus in young people through Bible teaching, fellowship, and fun activities. 
     The Bible says, "Where two or three are gathered in Jesus's name he shall be in the midst." We believe by gathering the young generation together in HIS name they will begin to take on his presence and HIS way of thinking and the world will know GOD by seeing HIS children's S.W.A.G.

Music Ministry
        Music Ministry       

At the beginning of each year our pastor provides our music leadership team an annual music ministry assignment. This team of music leaders under the careful guidance of Minister of Music, Dr. Sharon Berry along with her very capable leadership team prepares and present an Annual Christmas Concert, Annual Resurrection Concert, Annual International

Christian Leadership Conference opening night Concert Event, Special Conference nightly Inspirational music, weekly music for Sunday Worship Services, and Inspirational Praise Music for weekly Wednesday Evening Bible Study. The outstanding musical inspiration talent shared by this music department

promises to encourage, up lift, and engage your spirit to worship. The spiritual impression this dedicated choir invest in the worship experience at Faith Ministries International Network of Churches demonstrates consistent gifts of Godly excellence intended to bless all who are exposed to the “Sound of Praise.”


“Give generously to Him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to” 

Deuteronomy 15:10